Your vote matters and so does your voice!

Did you know that California is one of the lowest ranking states when it comes to women's voter registration?

Or that only 127 women hold seats in the United States Congress, comprising 23.7% of its 535 members?

Women make up 51 percent of the population, but less than 25 percent of elected offices.

We can change this!

November 5 Election Date deadlines

  • 10/21/19: Last Day to Register to Vote

  • 10/29/19: Last Day to request a vote-by-mail ballot

  • Nov 2-5 2019: Ballot Drop-off Stations open (SF City Hall and SFSU)

  • Nov 5 2019, 7 am-8 pm: Election Day Voting Hours

  • Oct 7 - Nov 5: Vote early in person or by mail-in ballot at City Hall

Register to vote

  1. Register to vote!

    1. Please note: if you register WITHOUT stating a party preference [No Party Preference (NPP), decline-to-state (DTS), Independent] you will NOT be able to vote for the Presidential Primary Elections in the March 2020 elections via mail-in ballot, as you will receive a “non-partisan” ballot by default that does not include presidential candidates. You must REQUEST a specific party ballot, in person from your poll worker, to vote in the Primary Presidential election.
      Learn more about CA Primary Election Rules per party.

      1. More information about the March 2020 primary elections at

    2. Determine if your state allows same-day voter registration at the polls

  2. Review the Voting Policies in your state

  3. Verify your Voter Registration, by state

  4. Find your Polling Place and polling hours

  5. Check the Voter ID laws per state (ID only required for new voters in CA)

  6. If there is a problem with your voter registration, you can legally request a Provisional Ballot at your polling station the day of the election. Provisional ballots will be counted once you’re eligibility has been confirmed, and it’s been confirmed that you haven’t already voted elsewhere.

  7. If you have any problem voting, call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) from your polling place to get immediate help so your vote is properly cast and counted. (for other languages, see complete list below). Then report the problem to Trust The Vote which is mapping all voting problems to look for patterns so local reporters can investigate them.

  8. Absentee Ballot: if you miss the MAIL IN deadline just drop it off at any polling place on election day

  9. Need a ride to the polls? Locate one via Carpool Vote or call their interactive voice response service at 804-424-5335.

  10. If there is a long line when you arrive, do not leave, the polls have to stay open until you complete your vote if you arrive before the official close at 8pm.


Register To Vote

Vote in person at SF City Hall (opens Oct 7) or SFSU (opens Nov 2)

If you are not yet registered in San Francisco by the deadline: 

  • The deadline to register to vote is 15 days before an election, upcoming election dates:

    • Municipal Election: November 5, 2019

    • Presidential Primary Election: March 3, 2020

    • General Election: November 3, 2020

  • If you missed the registration deadline, you still have the option to vote via Conditional Voter Registration

  • Key Election Dates and Deadline information

  • Voter Policy information for CA

If you are currently registered in San Francisco: 

  • Re-register to vote to update your political party preference, name, or signature on file with the Department. The deadline to update your registration record is 15 days before an election

  • Verify you are currently registered to vote in San Francisco

  • Find your Polling Place

  • Remember, if there is a problem with your voter registration, or you go to the wrong polling location, you can request a Provisional Ballot at your polling location. Provisional ballots will be counted once you’re eligibility has been confirmed, and it’s been confirmed that you haven’t already voted elsewhere.

  • Vote Early, in person, before Nov 5 in City Hall (Room 48) or SFSU to avoid the lines

  • After you have voted, you can track your ballot online

California Secretary of State

Federal Election

Election Protection VoteR Hotlines

If you are denied a provisional ballot—or you have other voting problems, call:

  • 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) – English language hotline

  • 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682) – Spanish language hotline

  • 888-API-VOTE (888-274-8683) – Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Tagalog hotline

  • 844-YALLA-US (844-925-5287) – Arabic language hotline

Hear Our Vote Campaign Goals

  1. Voter Registration

  2. Voter Turnout

  3. Local Organization

  4. Increasing women in office, especially women of color