Without You, There is NO MARCH!

We are Women’s March San Francisco! 

We are Women’s March. We are San Francisco. 

Women’s March is the mission we’ve all embraced, centered on Unity Principles. It is no individual person. 

It is - and has always been - a network of independently-runindependently-funded grassroots organizations working toward a common goal: the most intersectional feminism the world has ever seen. 

Working toward this mission can be messy and difficult. It sometimes makes us - individually, and as decentralized grassroots groups - face pain or scars built up over decades of feminist and other social justice work.

For example, some of the leaders of Women’s March, Inc. (DC) have been accused of anti-semitism. The women at the center of the controversy have responded on their own behalf. We - the leadership of Women’s March San Francisco - are emphatically against hate or prejudice of any kind, including against our Jewish and LGBTQ communities which are both strongly represented on our team and in programming.

We WILL rally and WILL march together on January 19th. But not without your support.


We remain Women’s March. But we are also San Francisco. Unique. 

Our team and the work we’ve produced and sponsored show what can be accomplished by a truly intersectional group of womyn and allies. We are all volunteers. We come from every neighborhood, every walk of life, every group under threat in today’s United States.

For example, the incredible queer womyn on our team bring invaluable experience organizing peaceful and profound events, but also in working through a painful history toward intersectional justice for the entire rainbow of the LGBTQIA community. 


While this all-volunteer leadership group organizes the now-annual January rally and march, Women’s March San Francisco is also each of you who’s shown up at, volunteered for, or donated to any of the Women’s March programming over the years. 

As we face the final weeks before our third march and rally, we are tired. 

We have all supported candidates for the midterms, sent funds and volunteered to help families separated at the border, stretched to help our sisters across the country protect their already-too-limited rights over their bodies and health, and more. 

Just think of the group that showed up in DC yesterday! Think how quickly and safely we organize in the face of a new injustice. This group is essential.

If each of you gives $5, we’ll be able to provide the safe, sustaining, inspiring event we all need in this moment. 

The #WomensWave cannot stop now. 

We need to continue to speak #TruthToPower!